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Do you ever wonder why things don’t happen the way you wanted and then wondered why? And are you wondering what the Enneagram has to do with that?

Our personalities (as described so accurately by the Enneagram) determine the thoughts, feelings and actions we engage most often. Because it’s so easy and natural for us to think, feel and act in these ways, they have become unconscious habits. These habits may not be what our intentions need from us.

If you find yourself frustrated, that your team isn’t getting along or producing the way you want, you’re not reaching your goals, you’re more nervous than expected when giving a talk or performing, or relationships aren’t working out the way you had hoped, it could be that the habits of your personality are getting in the way.

If what you want isn’t the same as what you’re getting, join us and learn how embodying some of the gifts of the others Enneagram types could shift that for you. You can create new habits or patterns that will support your intentions. And then guess what? Maybe you can have the life of your dreams.


Andrea Isaacs is an emotional intelligence and mindset coach and trainer. She has been on the cutting edge in the field of emotional intelligence bridging body wisdom, the Enneagram and neuroscience since 1994. She is the creator of EnneaMotion, Somatic Focusing and The EQ Quiz.