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Cracking the Code of the Human Operating System

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Cracking the Code of the Human Operating System: A new understanding of the mind offers the leaders of tomorrow (and the rest of us) a better way to solve problems and achieve breakthroughs than you've ever imagined.

This brief presentation, including personal and business stories followed by group conversation, will address the following: 

  • Three key fundamentals for understanding how your mind is perfectly evolved to solve problems, connect with others and achieve breakthroughs regardless of circumstances
  • How an almost universal misunderstanding of how the mind works causes untold suffering in the world while radically limiting our creative potential
  • The brilliant role our feelings play in letting us know whether our current thinking is helping or hurting us
  • Why understanding how the system actually works opens the door to a world of infinite possibilities

Rolf Evenson
Co-Founder, ClearMind Advisors

Rolf’s curiosity about the human dimension of leadership developed early. For a dozen years, he led wilderness expeditions, Outward Bound courses, climbed the great walls of Yosemite, paddled the length of Lake Superior by canoe and led dogsled expeditions.

These adventures provided a virtual laboratory for studying the human capacity for both high and low performance under duress.

After receiving his Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Colorado, he worked as an architect specializing in medical facilities. Working with interdisciplinary design teams on complex projects, he developed a profound curiosity about what makes some project teams come together brilliantly while others fail.

Along the way, he was extremely fortunate to discover fundamental principles for how the human mind works - a crucial almost always overlooked variable in organizational change and human performance.

In 1999, he founded ClearMind Leadership to share these principles with individuals and business clients.

In 2017, he joined with partner Mike Hart to form ClearMind Advisors to share the principles they now call the Insight Paradigm. Their clients have found that understanding this paradigm frees their natural capacity for high performance and creative change, often in surprising and extraordinarily effective ways.

Married for 30 years, Rolf and his wife, Laurie, can often be seen riding their bikes in the foothills and mountains near Boulder, Colorado.

Our Mission
To transform business best practices by increasing awareness of how the mind works.

Our Vision
To change the world, one business at a time.

Mobile: (303) 819-4292

Members & Guests - $25
General Admission - $35

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