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The Right Use of Power

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What are the inherent dynamics that accompany relationships where there is a role power difference—what is the potential for good, what are the responsibilities, distortions, vulnerabilities and risks for harm?

  • Get clear on your values and ethical guidelines
  • Own your power and influence—understand how your use of power impacts others
  • Differentiate role power and personal power
  • Understand the dynamics of up‐power and down‐power roles
  • The added responsibility of up‐power roles


Identify and learn from your attitudes, beliefs, wounds and habits in relation to issues of power and authority. In what ways are you reflexively empowered or disempowered?

  • Understand the misuses of power and how to infuse your power with strength and heart
  • Effectively deal with disempowerment and shame—in yourself and others
  • Bring mindfulness and presence to how you respond to others
  • Learn how to consistently live in your power zone
  • Attend to multiple levels of self‐care including how to self‐correct


Increase your skillfulness in sensing difficulties and learn about the many factors that can lead to unintended harm. Practice staying connected even in conflict—using it to clarify, resolve, and repair relationships.

  • Accountability as an expression of caring
  • Learn strategies for working with bosses who misuse power
  • Respond non‐defensively when impact and intention don't match
  • Create an open system that embraces and promotes constructive feedback
  • Use challenges to resolve, repair, learn and improve (and avoid reinforcing trauma)


Being effective at doing the right thing requires skill, not just good intentions. Identify the personal tendencies, beliefs, and barriers that may make you vulnerable to specific misuses of power.

  • Increase your understanding of power dynamics and diversity issues
  • Apply the socially intelligent model of power
  • Enhance your effectiveness by expanding your range of comfort with different styles
  • Use your leadership for the highest and best, both in up‐power and in down‐power roles
  • Respond constructively and pro‐actively to power challenges
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