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Consciousness and Happiness

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What is consciousness? Ranked as No.1 among the top 100 science future questions, human consciousness is what we're most familiar with yet also the most mysterious. Despite the difficulties to study its impenetrable nature, psychology has made significant progresses in discovering its functions. I’m looking forward to going on a journey together with you from evolutionary times to the modern society, to share and discuss the newest findings about the surprising nature of consciousness, its constructive and destructive functions, as well as how to control it to achieve optimal experiences and happiness.

Fan Yang is a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University studying psychology. Fan completed her master's degree from Harvard University in 2009, and obtained her PhD from University of Pennsylvania in 2014. Fan is broadly interested in the psychological mechanisms that promote optimal outcomes for individuals and society at large. Fan has researched and published on diverse topics in major psychology journals. Her recent projects have focused on our understanding and behaviors in relation to happiness, fairness, goal pursuit and promoting the common good.

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