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From Chaos to Coherence: Discovering The Way Of Nature

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Engage and experience with Wilderness Guide & Leadership Trainer Bud Wilson, as he discusses the modern power & productivity of the ancient practice of taking a conscious, solo retreat in Nature. In today’s rapidly changing culture, one that is rife with competition conflict & division, we are constantly subjected to a steady stream of challenges at an ever increasing level and intensity. We each have somehow learned to adapt to these unnatural challenges as the new normal when there is nothing remotely normal about our adaptations. Removing yourself from the cacophony of daily disruptions and distractions has a profoundly calming and centering effect, one that can have lasting and sustainable benefits for your renewed vision, commitments, focus & productivity. When we choose to push the pause button on our busy lives, take a well-deserved and necessary digital sabbatical, while dwelling for an extended period (from mere hours to days) in any deep nature setting, we return to what is essential, what is true and to what matters most to us. These ultimately insightful journeys into nature are potent, conscious retreats that rejuvenate our minds, bodies and hearts while providing a new frame of reference and continuing resource when we return to our lives refreshed and with renewed vigor. During our lunchtime lecture & presentation Bud will be sharing some stories and adventures of his trainings and travels with John P. Milton, learning to expand and extend the therapeutic and evolutionary solo retreat experiences in nature from a one day journey to 40 straight days and nights alone in nature.