Community Guidelines 


Member and Guest Guidelines

City Club’s foundation is a set of principles that keeps our core culture strong and growing. Below is a comprehensive list of the policies and procedures that guide our community.

Guest Privileges

Members may host up to three guests at one time at City Club during public hours and City Club functions unless the event is specified as members only. Member hosts must accompany and take responsibility for their invited guests at all times to ensure their guests feel welcomed and comply with all City Club guidelines. Parties of five or more require special reservation and pricing. Applicable guest fees will be charged to the host member’s account.

Use of Common Areas

Social Members are welcome to use the club’s lower level and the gardens. Business Members are welcome throughout the building, including the club’s lower level and gardens.

City Club forbids the use of cellphones in common areas during social meals and events. Members who need to make or receive an urgent call must use designated spaces located throughout the building and the gardens.

City Club reserves the right to temporarily close part or all of the club’s common areas for special functions, meetings, and maintenance.

All members are required to dress appropriately and tastefully at all times. City Club reserves the right to request a member to leave the club premises if not dressed appropriately.

Pets are not permitted on City Club facilities without management’s prior written consent. City Club does not allow smoking anywhere on the premises, including the gardens.


Parking is available to members and their guests for an hourly, daily or monthly fee. Since Highland parking is limited, we encourage members to walk, ride their bike, or use public transportation. Highland monitors and charges for parking using cameras and computers that record license plates. Members are responsible for registering their car license plates with management. Parking charges for member’s guests will be charged to member’s account. See attached price schedule for current parking rates.

Name Tags

City Club provides an engraved brass name tag for each member upon joining. To maintain a welcoming environment and to track services and charges, all members shall wear their name tags during club functions. When leaving City Club, members must return their name tags to their place on the wall at the club’s lower level. Lost name tags will be replaced and a $15 fee will be charged to the member’s account.


City Club is proud to serve wine, beer and cocktails to our members and their guests from our wine cellar. City Club abides by all Colorado laws for alcohol consumption; therefore all members’ guests must be at least 21 years of age, with proper identification, to consume alcohol on the premises. City Club does not serve alcohol to the general public, and reserves the right to refrain from serving alcohol to any member or guest at management’s sole discretion.

Solicitation and Fundraising

To preserve the integrity of City Club as a Securus Locus (A Safe Space), City Club prohibits promotion, solicitation, fundraising or marketing products and services during events and social gatherings. Please confine mutually established business discussions to private conversations.


City Club employees are an integral part of our community. Members and their guests are expected to treat staff members with respect and must refrain from using loud or profane language. All complaints, criticisms or personal issues with City Club staff and their performance should be expressed to the City Club Manager directly and in private. City Club prohibits its members from soliciting City Club employees for part or full-time work.

Contact Information and Member Directory

Each member shall provide a current email address to receive electronic communication from City Club. In addition, all Members are encouraged to provide information about professional and personal interests and other basic biographical details to share with the community. This information is available to the full membership through a password protected Membership Directory through our Website.

The Third Floor:

When you need a place to work

Grab a seat, any seat! All community workspaces are open-seating and available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Have a favorite spot? Get here early to claim it!

When you want to chat

The south and north sides of the third floor are quiet work zones. We strive to create a quiet place for our members to work without the need to wear earplugs. For brief, low volume conversations, feel free to gather in the center area around the fireplace/kitchen/cappuccino machine. If you want to brainstorm or have a longer/more passionate conversation, please use one of the larger phone rooms. For larger groups or longer conversations, feel free to use one of the many conference rooms in the building. Please do not use conference rooms as a call room or private office.

When you need to take a phone call

When you need to make or take a phone call, please step into one of our eight private telephone rooms, using a low tone of voice to be respectful of other colleagues working, as sound carries. There are always the gardens, first floor hallway, and many places on the social floor.

When you need a private room to hold a meeting

Reserve a conference room by emailing us at You may drop-in to a conference room and if it is unoccupied, and you may use it for up to one hour, with two or more people. Please understand you will need to find a new place to work when reservations are made.

When you want something to drink

Please learn to use our wonderful cappuccino machine to help yourself to tea or coffee. Clean-up after yourself by rinsing your used cups and dishes and place them in the sink. Staff will take care of loading the dishwasher to assure you always have clean dishes on the shelves. If you should bring your plate up to the 3rd floor to eat, please return it to the kitchen on the lower level when you are finished.

When you have a guest

Please notify in advance when you invite a guest or colleague so we can provide them with WIFI access and orient them properly. Guests working on the third floor for over 2 hours will be charged the visitor rate of $35/day plus parking (if applicable).

When you leave for the day

Please clean up your desk area and make sure the space looks as good (or better) than when you arrived. Throw away your trash, compost and recycle, push your chairs back into place, and please take your belongings. Highland City Club is not responsible for lost, misplaced or missing personal items. 

When you have a suggestion, comment, or complaint

Please feel free to reach out to We love to hear from you!