Our menu rotates weekly. Maria Cooper, our Executive Chef for the past eight years, selects fresh and locally available seasonal ingredients for our Mediterranean-inspired menus.

A complete buffet lunch, including GF, DF and Vegetarian options, plus drinks and dessert is served every weekday from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, with service continuing until 2:00pm.


City Club lunches are exclusively for the benefit of Highland tenants, City Club social and business members, and their accompanying guests. General Public can attend City Club lunches by having a member sponsor them.  RSVP required.


Lunch is served daily from Noon to 1:00pm, all members are welcome to attend daily lunches subject to a 24 hour notification. Please simply fill out the form below and your reservation will be received. If you are RSVP'ing for a program event, please visit the Events page and RSVP for the specific event. Thank you!

We are pleased to welcome you and your guest(s) to any of Highland City Club’s meals and events. To help us plan and to serve you better, we ask (beg?!) that you RSVP in advance so Chef Maria knows how many people to prepare for.  





Our private cellar is curated by Nathalie Wilson who is our in-house Sommelier. Need wine for an event or just want a few great bottles to stock at home? View the menu and reach out to us with any questions that you have, we’re here to help.



We dig our graves with our forks.

– French Proverb

We think of food as sacred medicine, and strive to research and discuss ingredients like oil, sugar, salt and the spices we use to make sure our members eat the healthiest and most delicious food at the best value we can offer. For example, we only use 100% all-natural, unrefined sea salt mined in Utah, and although we promote a mostly organic, vegetarian diet, we use grass-fed beef and fresh caught fish whenever possible for the benefit of members who enjoy animal protein.