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Member Monday

Hosted and Lead By: Steve Smith


This Week's Topic:

09.24.18 | Mourning In America

A therapist looks at America through the collective lens of all those fifty-minute intimate (monetized) psychodramas and issues his pronouncement about the country: It's unhappy. Profoundly unhappy. He theorizes why we're all so sad. 

America and Its Discontents | Gary Greenberg - The Baffler

We're sad because we're grieving over something. But that's not the real issue. The problem is we don't actually know the something we're grieving over. Were there a recognized grief object --  say the loss of a loved one -- the standard talk-therapy might be of help. The grief becomes pathological when it goes so far that its object can no longer be identified. Honest therapists, he maintains, realize that they are not only incapable of doing much about the suffering they are witnessing but that they are actually part of the problem.

We thus enter the Freudian world of so-called interior landscapes and instinctual lives -- the Beast -- to try and make sense of it all. Without delving into the details as to the care and feeding of the Beast, along with its repression, containment, and interactions with other beasts, this pervasive unhappiness might be explained in terms of a terrible loss in confidence resulting from the unexpected dislocation in our country's historical trajectory. Americans simply no longer recognize themselves here in Trumpistan.

At stake is the very undoing of the Enlightenment --  rationality, science, reason, truth -- and with it the question how do we live with each other where nothing is settled and everything is up for grabs. Some optimists bet we are self-limiting creatures fully capable of riding the long arc of history toward progress. Others are afflicted with this inchoate anxiety and end up in the therapist office…

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