01.11.19 | Bud Wonsiewicz


Bud's interests are broad. Depending on how you look at it, he is either a religious-secular guy or a secular religious guy; either a poet or a scientist. He's been called “an eloquent nerd” and “a positively deviant male.” They were both intended as compliments but that's questionable. Bud grew up the son of a baker in Allentown, PA. His grandparents were immigrants from Poland. One was illiterate, none went past grade school.

Bud holds a doctorate from MIT and served as a young assistant professor there, doing research at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ for 18 years before coming to Colorado to set up a new advanced technology division. He retired from Media One in 2000 where he was an SVP of Strategy and Technology. His career has spanned an astonishing increase in computer processing and memory.

When retiring in the year 2000, he had lived through an increase of 42,000,000X in computing power at essentially constant cost. Since then the increase is 20,000,000,000X ( yes, that’s 20 trillion!), changing nearly every aspect of our society. 

Bud has written a book, Discovering Awareness, with Tony D’Souza, an Indian Jesuit. Habitat for Humanity is his prime social work. He wants to help the poorest of the poor and to assist anyone who wants to learn.

Married to his high school prom date, Marie, for 55 years, they have three children and four grandchildren. They ski, kayak, hike, bike, dance and sing together as much as they can. Bud & Marie are both passionate cooks who like to experiment with leading-edge techniques like Modernist Cuisine. He immodestly thinks he bakes the best loaves of bread in Colorado.

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