03.22.19 | Chantel Ellerington


Chantel Ellerington is the Creative Director of Boulder Lifestyle Magazine and Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine. With a longtime passion and admiration in the process of creating a brand from ideation, ethos, to telling a story, Chantel began her career with Nike on a unique two-year project with University Colorado Boulder.  Chantel oversaw their visual merchandising of all product presentation while she lead and executed Key Product Story updates that were presented to Nike Headquarters.  

Chantel's portfolio includes implementing and executing a complete re-brand for a luxury real estate firm from Vail. She oversaw and managed individual marketing initiatives for eight real estate brokers, along with the overall brand and advertising strategy. Most recently, she held the position of Director of Marketing for Zeppelin Development where she assisted with a re-brand, launched and executed Taxi Film Design Series. 

Chantel is a twin, past times...Espresso, streaming live World Surf League competitions/ watching industry leader panels, enjoys dissecting storylines of ads in European publications, studying functional nutrition, and cycling. Currently enthralled by the book, JFK Jr., George, and Me: A Memoir by Matt Berman (An intimate look at the story of a deep friendship and the memories working alongside JFK Jr.), highly recommended. You will find Chantels beautiful smiling face on the third floor.

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