08.23.19 | Jeremy Nash

Born in "New Yawk,” Jeremy Nash came to Colorado in 2014 to get a graduate degree in Leadership and Social Transformation and to be closer to family and friends. Jeremy is at home no matter where he is living; he has lived in many places, most recently, Singapore. 

Jeremy considers himself a Social Craftsman: for the past 37 years he has worked at the frontier between human potential and collaborative action; bringing the tools of social craftsmanship to coaching and consulting clients in the U.S and abroad, from Fortune 100 companies to small start ups. 

Jeremy has an eye for beauty, as evidenced by his art collection which includes rare pieces from India, Tibet, China, Burma, Indonesia and Mexico. He is an avid world traveller, enthusiastic about exploring and photographing the near and far corners of the world. A lifelong learner, Jeremy’s deep interest in the miraculous nature of life has him enjoy history, theater, film, world music, the NYT, meditation, as well as a good book. 

As a widower, Jeremy has an intense appreciation for the fragility of life and seeks a new community at Highland, including through his participation with the HCC-based Theory U.lab Hub.

Sina SimantobComment