09.06.19 | John Donicht

John Donicht is Co-Founder and CEO of By-Products Interactive Inc. He attended University of Wisconsin as an undergraduate, and University of Minnesota- Carlson School for his MBA. After graduate school John spent many years trading commodities, and in 2000 left the trading desk to start By-Products/The Jacobsen.

In the last year they have invested heavily in the organic corn market, using surveys on planting intentions and import trade flows to predict organic corn prices down the curve. John has risked the future of his company betting heavily on technology and their own data to deliver accurate insight as to where commodity markets are headed. John's latest market is the industrial hemp market.

As a team with his wife Kay Allison who is also a City Club member, they manages the business from Boulder, while heading back to Chicago on occasion. They have three kids; one a Junior at BHS, and two are out of the house living in Brooklyn, NY. John loves to ski, hike, bike and recently got re-engaged in golf; a frustrating endeavor which keeps him coming back

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