05.31.19 | Liz Scully

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Elizabeth was born and raised in Chicago in a family rooted in film and entertainment dating back to the silent era. She studied classic film through osmosis, developed a passion for storytelling and decided to follow in her family’s footsteps. She studied film before moving to LA to work in studio film development for ten years. While in LA, Liz wrote, produced and directed many of her own projects, focusing on satire and dark comedy, played guitar and mandolin in an indie folk rock band called Hiasakite, (pronounced High As A Kite).

In 2012 Liz partnered with producers at Nice Studios and moved from LA to NY to open their east coast studio. There she produced documentary-style brand videos for various brands and corporations.

In NY Liz and her father created a start-up grill company called Mr. Steak, based on her dad’s passion for grilling and adventure. They developed the brand, created prototype grills and seasonings, and shot videos of her dad grilling while white water rafting and four wheeling in Colorado. They partnered with Bass Pro Shops and the brand now has five models of grills, seasonings and grilling tools.

Liz is passionate about intimate world travel, outdoor adventure and human connection that spans languages, cultures and ways of life. She absolutely loves her new home in Boulder because of the welcoming and passionate community, creative and food startup scene, and of course the mountains!

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