09.13.19 | Marni Shymkus

Marni has spent over a decade creating health-focused DIY personal and beauty care products that preserve health and prevent illness naturally. A tireless researcher and problem solver, Marni’s obsession for all things natural and healthy blossomed with the birth of her first child 17 years ago when she discovered the Weston A Price Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to traditional, nutrient-dense whole foods and healing arts; and Waldorf education where she co-founded a Waldorf School in Chicago.

A self-described Generalist, Marni has worked as a driver of businesses in multiple areas including fashion, beauty, jewelry, design, e-commerce and consumer products for the last 30 years

Marni's most recent venture, Akamai Basics, a personal care company, represents a natural blend of her business experience with her lifelong passion of achieving and sharing, wellness through whole, natural ingredients. While not working on Akamai, Marni can be found raising her high school children, painting, making jewelry or hiking with their family dog.

Sina SimantobComment