10.05.18 | Marty Kaegel

Marty Kaegel is a social activist, cinephile, a tireless optimist and a big fan of the City Club and Boedecker Theatre.

Marty spent her career living in St. Louis and working as a Nurse Practitioner in women's health and biofeedback therapist. 

While taking care of patients, Marty also lectured, taught and trained nationally on women's health and sexuality. Her many accomplishments included an appointment by the Governor of Missouri to the State Board of Health as the only woman at the time on the board. Marty still works tirelessly on issues related to reproductive and sexual freedom and freedom of the press.

Ideas are what excite Marty, which is perhaps why she is such an active City Club Member. She is an avid adventure traveler who has recently traveled in Peru, Cuba, Ireland and South Africa, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangkok.

Ian ReidComment