11.30.18 | Milton Jaimes


Milton Jaimes was born in Bogata, Columbia and has been in the US since his days in college at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. He graduated with a degree in economics and business. After obtaining his degree he began his career in mortgage lending in NYC. Throughout his career, Milton has developed strong relationships with real estate brokers, developers, accountants, lawyers, investors, and individuals. He helps clients navigate the mortgage process from origination to closing with knowledge and expertise. 

Milton’s impeccable style and charisma makes him a stand-out among the City Club and Boulder crowds. He approaches life with enthusiasm and optimism. His tight-knit siblings are dispersed across America while his parents still live in Bogata. A baseball, soccer, and an enthusiastic world gallivanter, Milton is a firm believer in always extending a smile and meeting new people along the way. Dad of two, husband of one, and friend of many. If you stop and chat with him, he’ll be sure to invite you to a yoga class or to dine with him at lunch … his Columbian hospitality is always welcoming. 

Ian ReidComment