06.07.19 | Shannon O'Dunn

Shannon graduated from CU in 1969 with an MS in Geology, and claims "Geology is the bedrock of my intellectual curiosity and spiritual life.” Taking almost 50 years to get back to Boulder, her "forever home,” Shannon lives in Old North Boulder and is an active participant in all that’s interesting in our small cosmopolitan city by volunteering in University and community activities, and philanthropy.

Shannon’s career included 36 full time years in the California Community Colleges as Geology Instructor, Director of Grants and Contracts, Union leader, and Dean of Communication and Fine Arts. She spent a few summers as Project Director for Geotech Engineering firms in San Diego and Micronesia. Shannon also owned a retail art gallery from 2009-2015, and ran for public office. She is Curator for the annual Borrego Springs Plein Air Invitational in California.

A recent widow with two adult children and a granddaughter, Shannon spends her time painting good pictures, focuses on personal relationships that are spiritually sustaining, and loves to entertain, elucidate experiences and have good conversations.

Ian ReidComment