09.20.19 | Vincent Cobb

Vincent is a serial social entrepreneur used to making a difference and changing the status quo. On the front of the green wave, he started his company Reuseit to raise consumer awareness about problems with use-and-toss items like plastic bags and bottles. His vision was to use simple lifestyle changes to help save the environment, save money and waste less. By 2013 Reuseit had grown to 300,000 customers, empowering them to eliminate an estimated 1.1 billion use-and-toss items. Reuseit.com was twice voted as Green America’s Green Business of the Year.

After a course in organic chemistry weeded him out of majoring in Microbiology, Vincent discovered Philosophy. He was, and continues to be profoundly influenced by stoicism, rationalism and cites Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn as a game changer for in his life.

When not serving his newest vision, Akamai Basics, which is a personal care B-Corporation, you can find Vincent mind-training, thinking and trail running, and spending time with his two high school children.

Ian ReidComment