2019 Highlights


With nearly seventy great new members on board, we are increasing the cost of a Business Membership from $345/m to $375/m.  Membership requires a six month commitment and thirty day notice for cancellation . Current member's dues will stay at $345 for 2019.

While we are proud of our food and subsidize it heavily to ensure quality, our prices have been confusing.  Going forward the cost of a social lunch will stay at $15 for a member and up to three guests.  Now the standardized cost of lunch for more than three guests, speaker lunches and special events is at $25.

For the longest time we served complimentary alcohol because we did not have a liquor license. Once we secured a liquor license, we served wine at $6/glass because we did not have the expertise to stock our lovely wine cellar with great wines.  Now that we have Nathalie Wilson as our Front of the House Manager and experienced Sommelier, we will price our wines and wine tasting events according to the cost and quality of the wines served.