02.01.19 | If You Stand In Line Long Enough

If you stand in line long enough, eventually it's your turn.

               – Woody Allen.

Forty years since the renovation of Highland, and nearly fourteen years since we started City Club, it sure looks like our turn has come.

Maybe it was the opening of the third floor shared workspace, or the gold leaf sign at the entry, but it appears we have finally been discovered, as evidence by the fact that we are attracting a lot of young and smart business members, and are blessed to have unbelievably experienced social members like Joe de Raismes who is featured below, Bud Wonsiewicz who is doing the science talks next week, and Scott Garen who uses his 30+ years of experience in Hollywwod to pick movies we've rarely heard of, let alone seen, and clearly explains why we should.

I spent a decade arm wrestling with Joe to build the St. Julian hotel, and in the process learned what Lincoln meant when he said “the best way to destroy your enemies is to turn them into friends.” Joe was just too smart for me to fight with, so by learning to listen and cooperate, we were able to create one of Boulder’s best Public/Private partnerships ever. Please plan to attend Joe’s talk next Thursday (see below).

Bud is another sharp cookie with a PhD from MIT and sixteen years at Bell Labs, so when Bud decided (or did I push him?!) to do the science series, Steve Smith knew his Monday talks have serious competition.

A club is more than the sum of its physical facilities and member list. We are proud of every single member we have, and believe the synergy amongst our members is finally starting to reveal itself. So thank you for your continued moral and financial support.

– Sina.

Sina SimantobComment