02.15.19 | Gratitude

Henry Ford once said, “You can always distinguish the leaders by the arrows in their backs.” 

Leadership is a thankless and frustrating job, but many of us strive to do it, because it is satisfying to bring a diverse group of people together to accomplish a big task. In the same light, trying to manage City Club is like trying to herd 230 smart and independent cats with diverse interests and opinions. So why do we do it? Because the feedback we get from our members makes it all worthwhile.

As an example, we recently celebrated Oak Thorne’s 90th birthday, and I heard him tell someone “City Club has added ten years to my life.” And here is Steve Smith position on taking vacations: "Vacation from what? . . . . I have the best things life has to offer right here at the City Club."

This week I got an unsolicited email from Julia Vitarello, who is a new member (see Featured Member below), saying "I wanted to reach out to thank you again for allowing me to work out of the HC. It truly has been a safe place for me to take a breath and be productive. And the incredible food nourishes me.” While Julie is dealing with any parent’s worst nightmare, she somehow maintains a positive attitude, and we are proud to be able to provide a real-life Arjuna with a Securus Locus to get away from life’s day to day madness and rest her body and soul to fight the battle of life and make a small positive dent in the universe.

– Sina

Sina SimantobComment