03.08.19 | Food and Wine

Last week I was in a four-day seminar in the Vail Four Seasons hotel and had a chance to mingle with some interesting people. Twice when I introduced myself as the founder of Highland City Club in Boulder, the immediate reaction was “I hear you guys have the best lunches in town.”

It has taken us 14 years to bring our food quality to this level, so now we are in the midst of planning and design to quadruple the size of our kitchen to be able to do more, like a simple/healthy continental breakfast, and planned dinners. Our goal is to go from best lunches in Boulder, to the best dining experience anywhere. Yes, this is a tall order, but why not shoot high?

During this time, we have had the oldest, and one of the best wine cellars in town, but never allocated the necessary time and resources to bring our wine offerings to the level of our food; then Nathalie Wilson showed up and took to the cellar like fish to water. If you are into wine, take a look at the attached wine list to see how far we have come in such a short time.

– Sina.

Sina SimantobComment