03.29.19 | We Love Politics

Many of my friends and City Club members tell me they are sick of politics, and have had it with the extreme partisanship that has divided our country more than anytime in our history, other than the Civil War. 

Well, I love politics because I know first hand the opposite of too much politics is not enough politics, and that’s when one gets a knock on the door in the middle of the night and is never heard of again; or the leader of the opposition party is shot dead in daylight in front of the Kremlin and that’s that!

City Club is a safe space for us to discuss any topic, including politics, so I want to invite you to a lunch next Friday, April 5th to meet City Club member Zac Cohen and discuss “Socialism.”  Zac is young, smart, successful and a card-carrying Socialist. See Zac’s brief bio below, take the time to read the article on Socialism under “what we are reading and talking about," and give yourself an opportunity to meet a “Democratic Socialist."

— Sina.

Sina SimantobComment