04.12.19 | Great Discussions at Highland

Last week I had the good fortune to participate in two great discussions at City Club worth reporting on.

Monday night’s dinner guests included five highly educated self-described conservatives, and five liberals. With three of the total, including myself being immigrants, we were tasked in advance to read up on immigration, and show up to discuss a possible compromise solution. To the amazement of all, at the end of a great dinner, we unanimously agreed the ~11M undocumented resident aliens in this country should get residency, with an eventual path to citizenship; and at the same time we should secure our borders, mostly airports, to promote legal, and prevent illegal immigration.

At Friday's lunch table, twelve mostly young members gathered to discuss Socialism, and to be perfectly honest, the discussion was heated and did not go well. To be able to understand and relate to the current young generation’s fascination with Socialism, we owe it to ourselves to read the article below and make up our on minds.

— Sina.

Sina SimantobComment