05.03.19 | Striving for Perfection

Progress is often the result of taking hundreds of small steps, vs. a giant leap forward. Here are three steps we are taking towards our goal of creating an ideal community.

Our garden project is almost complete, the Kentucky Bluegrass is settled in and looks like it has been here forever. Take a look at the picture below. It is hard to believe none of this infrastructure was here last Fall. We now have 72 seats outside along three fountains, with access to crazy fast internet, electric and phone chargers, to make working in the gardens feel like a picnic.

In the past year we have substantially altered the design and layout of our Weekly Newsletter. To make access to our increasing content easier, based on feedback from you, starting with this edition, we have changed the format of our Newsletter again, hoping this change enables you to find the sections you want faster and easier. 

As a result of our growth, last year we adopted Essensys, an English company’s state of the art computer-based club managment software. Since then Optix, a Canadian company with a Mobile-Forward approach, has come up with even a better, more advanced and flexible software, allowing us to integrate many of our existing services into a single platform. Although these transitions are a bit of a hassle for everyone, we have decided it is the right thing to do. So, starting June 1, we will switch our space management platform from Essensys to Optix. Stay tuned for more on this transition later.

— Sina.