05.17.19 | A New Platform

City Club is growing and we are doing our best to keep up.

We recently completed a major garden renovation to allow 70+ members to simultaneously work and dine outside. Sometime this year we plan to expand our kitchen to keep up with demand.

Last year we adopted a state of the art management software program which is already outdated! Since Optix which is a more beautiful and sophisticated solution has come to market which is capable of running all the processes we need, from our complicated monthly billing and member check-in, to features like user managed conference room bookings and membership directory where you can chat with any member or learn more about what they are doing and what is happening in our City Club community.

The major change you will notice going forward is that your invoice will come from ‘Optix’ instead of ‘Essensys,’ which means each member will need to set up an account with Optix and enter your credit card or ACH info when you receive an invite from us. Everything else from email address to license plate number, bio and picture has already been uploaded by us (all editable by you of course).

We know this is an inconvenience for you, and a huge challenge for us, but we have concluded this is a necessary next step towards our goal of building a great community, so thank you for hanging in there with us while we experiment and execute the next level of service for you, our valued members.

— Sina.

Sina SimantobComment