07.06.19 | ... We Are Back

…. refreshed, renewed and looking forward to starting our next cycle of growth. 

Unlike the the past few years’ focus on multiple renovation projects to morph the historic Highland from an office to a club, going forward our focus will be on growing our managment team and membership.

We will share more of our plans with you in the near future, meanwhile, at the macro level, we are hoping to add three new positions to our team, including a "Front of the House Manager,” an "Administrative Assistant," and a year-around “Gardener” as part of the building maintenance team.

Through experience we have learned that the best way to hire good people is by internal networking, so please keep an eye out for detailed job descriptions that we plan to post on our website.

We look forward to building a bright future for our community together, and help it grow to its potential.


Sina SimantobComment