07.13.18 | An Important Anniversary

In 1892, at the height of the gold rush, City of Boulder commissioned to build Highland as it’s first flood-proof and fire-proof elementary school. Hence the name “High-Land.” That was 126 years ago!

Forty years ago this week, I bought the then abandoned and dilapidated Highland School with a vision to make it my home and community, as a place to live, work, eat, and entertain, with lush gardens and multiple fountains, an authentic and eclectic art collection alongside a state of art technological infrastructure. But most importantly, what I craved more than anything else was a community I could belong and feel comfortable in.

It amazes me that it took forty years just to rebuild and renovate Highland's physical facilities and its gardens, but I believe we are finally there. The next five to ten years is all about soft issues like better management, more efficient operation, more sophisticated programming and content, with membership growth and striving to give back.

Thank you for being an integral part of our Highland City Club community.


Sina SimantobComment