08.10.18 | Growing Pains

Maybe it's the weather. Or maybe we are growing too fast with not enough resources. Whatever the cause, it sure seems like chaos reigns and the best we can do is react, instead of be proactive. 

After six months of hard work, our migration to the new operating program is complete, so now we are focused on learning and integrating the new parking control system. Nobody likes change, so charging for parking after 40 years of offering it for free feels awkward, but it beats raising our membership fee, which we have not done since inception in 2005.

Another change we are dealing with is our decision to limit public participation in our events, and focus the use of Highland facilities to members only. As our membership grows, and because of the limitations of our kitchen space, parking and liquor license, we are getting closer to being the private club we have always envisioned.

The Grapes & Grass event is only two weeks away and we want as many of our members to participate as possible. This is our biggest social event of the year and a great opportunity to see and be seen while tasting some of the best wines, and listening to some of the best music in Boulder. 

- Sina

Sina SimantobComment