08.16.19 | The Meaning Of Life

We are Foodies and love to eat well, so we cook a lot, including lots of vegetables and Tofu. I used to tell my kids tofu has no taste, but takes on the taste of whatever sauce we cook it in.

Life’s the same. Life has no meaning, but we can give it one.

So how do we go about living a meaningful life? Socrates said an unexamined life is not worth living; how do we go about examining the way we live?

A good place to start is by reading Steve Smith’s intro to next Monday’s Member Lunch. Motivated to read more? Take a look at the Arthur Brooks article in The Atlantic under What We Are Reading. Both start by morbid statements by successful men who have lost their way in life. No wonder Jeff Epstein hung himself in his jail cell.

Our ego tries to convince us we are all unique, but Joseph Campbell says we are all the same hero with a thousand faces. There are two great articles in this week’s “News”letter. Take the time to read and learn about the trajectory of what a great life can and should look like.

Sina SimantobComment