10.12.18 | RSVP

We are fortunate to have Maria Cooper as our Executive Chef for over eight continuous years. By any measure, this is a fantastic record of creativity, loyalty and service. To minimize burnout and maximize creativity, the secret to our success is twofold. 1) City Club is the only commercial kitchen in Colorado we know of that has no labor or food budget, so Maria plans her menu based on the best fresh ingredients available at the best price, not to meet a budget. 2) All City Club employees have unlimited vacation, as long as they have their work covered.

In the past eight years, Maria's only source of frustration, and our one source of potential conflict has been my refusal to require an RSVP for members and tenants so Maria can plan how many people to cook for, and keep waste to a minimum. Believing that “you can’t push on a string,” we have abstained from instituting a $2 penalty for a lack of RSVP, or a $2 incentive for having made one. Instead, we believed that when the club is popular to the point we can not feed a member unless they have a reservation, folks will learn to RSVP or eat elsewhere.

On Wednesday we fed 63 members and our staff of ten, so we have now reached the point that unless our members have a reservation, we may not be able to seat and feed you. Though this is a good problem to have, it is still a problem, so please help Chef Maria by making a reservation in advance before you show up.

Thank you for your continued moral and financial support.

- Sina

Sina SimantobComment