11.02.18 | Please Note

There is a lot of talk about how our country is divided, on the wrong track, and at the edge of civil war. From pipe bombs in the mail to mass shootings in schools and synagogs, from talk of impeaching the president to impeaching a sitting Supreme Court justice, at times it sure seems like the fabric of our society and democratic system is being torn apart. 

The Founding Fathers understood the human nature and designed our system not for an ideal enlightened leader, but to withstand stressful times like we live in, so as long as we continue to exercise our right to vote, all’s well with our system.

The caravan of migrants heading our way from South America ( see Steve Smith’s topic below), and the killing of eleven Jews in Pittsburg (see Mark Twain’s quote below) are the two sides of the same coin: Hatred of outsiders. 

Unless you have already done so, please take the time to vote, and remember, at City Club and elsewhere, the best we can do is “joyful participation in the sorrows of the world."

– Sina.

Sina SimantobComment