11.09.18 | An Update on Member Bill Stewart

Bill and Pam Stewart joined City Club in April 2006, nearly a year after we opened, when we were more of a club in concept than in reality. While Pam was more outgoing, energetic and excited about the club, it was Bill who I bonded with and brainstormed about our vision for an ideal community.

One day I told Bill about an item on my bucket list which was to visit the Bohemian Club’s summer camp in the redwood forest north of San Francisco, which many believe it is harder to get into than Fort Knox. After listening intently, Bill casually stated “I am a member and will be glad to get you an invite for next summer.” While being a part of this all-American experiment was a lifetime achievement, the real highlight was spending ten days with Bill and the chance to get to know him, his lightness of spirit and his joy for life. 

Earlier this year Bill was not feeling so well, so he started researching his symptoms and quickly learned he had ALS (Lou Gehrig disease).  Bill did the best he could to maintain a good attitude, but finally decided he wanted to die with class, the way he always lived his life. When I learned Bill had decided to take advantage of Colorado’s right to die law, last Sunday I paid Bill and Pam a visit to say goodbye. Since the mood was light, and trusting that Bill has good taste and knows how to get into clubs most people can’t dream of, I asked him to find a good one on the other side, put my name down and get me a front row seat till I get there!  Six days later, surrounded by close family at home, in his favorite chair in front of the fireplace, Bill swallowed a pill that ended his life. In typical Bill fashion, his last words to Pam were “I guess it wasn’t a cold after all.”

I miss Bill, a lot, but am comforted by the fact that we have Pam, and know Bill is out there finding us a good spot till we meet up again, sooner than later. Meanwhile here is Bill’s self-scribed obituary.

– Sina.

Sina SimantobComment