12.07.18 | Our Updated Charter

Building a country, starting a religion or forming a community is akin to drawing a circle. As soon as the circle is drawn, there are the insiders and outsiders. The Jews’ Ten Commandments, the American Constitution and the Communist Manifesto are a few examples.

The circumference of the circle, the line that separates the insiders from the outsides are the rules the community adopts and the code of conduct for self management.  Similarly, the glue that bonds Highland City Club members together is our Vision, Mission and Charter.

After forty years of construction to transform the historic Highland School into a luxury office, and then again morph into a private social and business club, we are now focused on building a first-class management and operating team, and establishing Policies & Procedures, Rules & Regs, and a Code of Conduct by which to regulate ourselves. 

Please take the time to study our newly updated Charter.  Meanwhile here are a few of the Highlights effective January 1, 2019. 

– Sina. 

Sina SimantobComment