12.14.18 | Future Plans and Wishlist

Although we are proud of all we have been able to accomplish towards our goal of creating Highland City Club, we see our progress to date akin to having built a strong foundation, waiting for a great architect; or a large canvas, waiting for a great painter. In short, we believe the best is still ahead of us. The following is a partial list of our plans and projects, large and small, for the near and long-term future.

1. Grow today’s 14-person team into a first-class management and operations team to provide impeccable service (think Grand Budapest Hotel).

2. Double today’s social and business membership to 400.

3. Increase the quality of our wine offerings to the level of the food.

4. Continue the upgrade of our award-winning gardens by adding more permanent seating, art and lighting.

5. Breath life into the Spa by hiring the right healer.

6. Renovate the first and second-floor hallways, and turn the sit-down reception desk to a stand-up concierge desk to better serve our members.

7. Start serving a healthy $10 Continental breakfast.

8. Offer themed dinners by famous local chefs.

9. Bring more art to our lives, with emphasis on live music. 

10. Start making a difference.

Forty years ago Constance and I renovated an abandoned elementary school into a luxury office. Fifteen years ago we started transforming Highland into a private social and business club. When we reach our goal of having 400 “passionate and caring members," we plan to morph Highland into an Institute. 

“Highland Institute (for the Advancement of Humanity)" is the shiny City on the Hill. Like the Promised land, we don’t know where it is, how long it takes to get there, and what to do when we arrive. But since our members often ask about our future plans, I figured I’ll share them, from the mundane to fanciful.

– Sina.

Sina SimantobComment