05.01.17 | Cults

The next Member Monday (5/1) discussion might prove to be the most powerful weekly session yet undertaken. Member Stephan van der Mersch (supported by his wife Lopa and business partner Duncan Horst) will bare all in his personal story that beggars the imagination. Or, perhaps better said, an account in which an imagination, indeed a very soul, was hijacked, slowly at first and then commandeered faster than you can say tipping point. How I admire Stephan's willingness to share this story of seduction as well as his strength to eventually escape its claws. Many do not. The result can be physical, mental or emotional breakdown. Or worse. The target could be an individual, a group, or even a nation. The common element is in ceding one's personal control to an external force. What starts out as a seduction ends up as a glimpse of the skull beneath the skin of rationality. Below is Stephan's introduction (be sure to read his two attachments).

Per Stephan:   

"Are you looking for a sense of purpose in life? Desire confidence about your sense of reality, right, and wrong? Yearn for a deep sense of belonging with like-minded folk who share deep experiences and are aligned in worldview?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're a great candidate for a cult! Cults deliver all this and more. And despite what most people think, it really could happen to you...
City Club member Stephan van der Mersch is a well-educated, bright, successful young man who seems to have everything going for him, and is "way" too skeptical & discerning to join a cult...& yet he did, unwittingly, of course. While in the cult he literally lost his mind, and almost lost his wife and unborn child. 

The most common question Stephan receives is “how did you get in?” followed by “how did you get out?” The answer to these questions and more at next Monday’s intimate social lunch discussion, where Stephan will reflect on the journey and the trauma at the hands of his traumatizing narcissist cult leader, Uma Inder, suing her and her former employer, and some of the life lessons he's gleaned through his recovery.

If you’ve ever wondered how 60m generally decent Germans became Nazis, or how 600m generally decent Chinese jumped headlong in to the Cultural Revolution, this talk is for you. If you’ve ever wondered how Scientology or the Hari Krishnas sustain, this talk is for you. For the extra-curious with time to read, attached are descriptions of the cultic abuse levied on her followers by Inder, and an analysis of Inder’s mind control activities."

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