09.18.17 | Empathy

An honest discussion of empathy begins with defining the word itself. Empathy is the ability to fundamentally understand and share the feelings of others. So defined, it is far greater than (an expression of) sympathy. It suggests a feeling and not a thought. It is a transcendent quality, bordering on the sacred. 

Our own Jhana Gottlieb, through Mediation Without Borders, sees power of empathy as the basis to effect resolution, whether at the individual level or on the world stage. She will share many of the techniques and communication skills that couch the dialogue within such a world of empathy as the disputants inch toward reconciliation (see link: xxx). To what extent is empathy a learned skill, rather than an art? What would an empathic world look like?

Please join us for this Member Monday session as we explore how globalized empathy may represent not only the newest evolution of human consciousness (a topic which Roger Briggs may have much to contribute) but may also be the central key in the resolution of the many conflicts we face in this increasingly interconnected world. 

Note: this would be the entire introductory entry with the designated link being what Jhana offered up. 

Steve SmithComment