11.13.17 | Gender Dynamics

“After God cast Lucifer and his followers into darkness, all the fallen angels came straggling on the plains of hell — to recriminate, to console themselves and to discuss their new identities as devils. . . . . It may be time for men to hold a convention for the same purpose”.

Thus begins a Lance Morrow essay http://content.time.com/time/subscriber/article/0,33009,980115,00.html?artId=980115?contType=article?chn=us written twenty-three years ago (“Men Are They Really That Bad?”, Time, Feb. 14,1994). 

Per the overwhelming desire expressed at our yesterday's session (on "gaslighting") we shall convene our own session to assess how, if at all, gender dynamics have changed since that classic essay was published. Mature audience only 

Steve SmithComment