03.12.18 | Israeli Defense Force (IDF)

Many of us grew quite fond of a certain fresh-faced McGill University student named Eli who interned with Sina a few summers ago. Actually, Eli’s toughest assignment involved some books Sina made him read. Young Eli then graduated with a finance degree and wondered about the next chapter.

Taking a page from Mark Twain, Eli then reckoned it was, “time to light out for the Territory ahead of thereat, because Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and civilize me, and I can’t stand it.”  In Eli’s case, the fictional Aunt Sally personified a looming career in banking and “the Territory” turned out to be the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Three years have passed — it might just as well have been a lifetime — and Eli just showed up on the Highland doorstep. His (temporary) return is our gift. Eli will share with us on Member Monday (3/12) an account of the hero’s journey or, at least, of a life lived deliberately. His story of training and serving as a sharp-shooter with the IDF is not for the feint hearted. 

The planets have aligned such that club member Eric Kish, former IDF tank commander, will also join the session as elder-statesman. The two together will allow us to triangulate on the inside of what has to be regarded as about the most prepared, technologically-advanced, and precise combat force on the planet.

You will be surprised by the things you don’t know e.g. the intensity of the psychological and physical training, an “interesting” field command protocol, and the humanitarian  safeguards within the asymmetric fighting environment.

Please check your politics at the door and simply marvel at a beleaguered nation’s strength through adversity. 

- Steve Smith.

Steve SmithComment