04.16.18 | The making Of a Congressman II

Member Monday (4/16)/The Making Of a Congressman II is the second in our series with Mark Williams, examining the realities of participatory politics. The series centers around providing us — armchair "everyman" wannabes — a glimpse of the nuts and bolts involved with running for political office. 

As you know, Mark is a candidate for the second Congressional District seat (includes Boulder County), the one vacated by Jared Polis who, in turn, is running for the governorship. The winner of this Democratic primary to be held late June will most assuredly win the Congressional seat in November.

Mark shared with us during that initial (1/8) session some of his ideals, hopes, and challenges at the outset of the campaign. As you may recall one feature of Mark's campaign was his refusal to take certain funding e.g. from the oil and gas industry in order to be the true and unconflicted voice of the electorate. He is also running without the benefits and burdens associated with the typical party machine. He's "everyman." 

We now have the opportunity to re-engage with Mark and vicariously experience some behind-the-scenes mid-campaign thrills. Mark's preliminary input to the session: think in terms of standing at the intersection of “The Candidate” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” 

Enough said.

- Steve Smith.

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