06.25.18 | The Making Of a Congressman III

Joining us again for this third and last installment of "the making of a Congressman" series is Mark Williams, one of two lead candidates on the literal eve of the Democratic Party primary for the (Boulder) Second Congressional District. The other lead candidate, Joe Neguse, who participated as Charlotte Sorenson's guest in this past Member Monday session on education, was invited to join us for this next one as well but declined due to another commitment.

As in the previous two sessions, the whole focus is understanding the process of running for national office from the perspective of a citizen without having had previous political experience i.e. Mr. Everyman starting from zero. What have been the challenges, the positive and negative surprises, the matters which may compromise the original ideals which animated the desire to run in the first place? What are those things I should be telling my son should he want to eventually make his own mark in the political arena?

Please be advised that the role of the political machine may figure prominently into our discussion  ( Williams charges improper Democratic Party interference in CD2 ... ).

- Steve Smith.

Dustin SimantobComment