Choosing between a Social and Business membership at Highland City Club is an important decision, so please take the time to study the key features of each to determine which plan best serves you. To learn more, please take the time to read our CHARTER.




Business Membership


You can become a Business member by renting a private office with 12’ ceilings and tall windows, and/or by gaining 24/7 access to our collaborative workspaces with fiber optic Wi-Fi, 360 views of Boulder and its Flatirons, abundant natural light and much more. As a small or mid-size company, you can rent a private office or a suite for the executive team, and secure collaborative work spaces for the rest of the staff for optimum flexibility and cost savings.


  • 12' Ceilings
  • 24/7 Access
  • Fiber Optic WiFi (500mb/s)
  • Indoor and outdoor access points
  • Lots of Natural Light
  • Private Offices
  • Shared Workspace

To better align ourselves with our Business members who are focused on advancing human evolution, or just trying to make a small dent in the universe, we consider offering a trade for a year of membership, plus meals and other expenses, and possibly a cash investment to sustain the founders for a year, all in exchange for stock.


From $345/month


Want to schedule a visit, or spend a day working here to see how it feels?

No problem, schedule HERE.



Social Membership


Social members have access to Highland City Club and its award-winning gardens during business hours, and can enjoy social and business lunches with other members or their own guests and clients. Social members are welcome to attend world-class programing, educational lectures, poetry reading, musical concerts, art shows and connection to our membership of intellectuals, scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, political and community leaders. If you think you are a good fit, tell us about yourself by applying below. We will then invite you for a visit to discuss and determine if you are a good fit as a Social member.


  • Business Hours Access
  • Social and Business Lunches
  • World-class programing and events
  • Access to an inspired community
  • Pro-rated extras like meals, drinks, massages, and more.

To ensure the diversity of Highland City Club's Social members beyond sex, color, religion, gender and political affiliation, we offer free membership, and at times a small stipend, to brilliant and passionate artists, poets, scientists and scholars who have dedicated their lives to their craft instead of the pursuit of money, and want to help grow City Club’s intellectual offerings.




Want to schedule a tour and stay for lunch? No problem, schedule HERE.



Call (303) 443-4430 for help signing up.





Really want to join the Highland Community but struggle with the membership? We prioritize community over profitability, if you believe you will be a truly valuable addition to our community we are always open to discussing membership on a scholarship or trade basis. Please reach out to with a personal email explaining who you are, why you are passionate about the community, and what you can afford to pay or trade for your membership.