Unconditional Love in a World of Conditions

Filmmaker and Son 

Show and Tell 

a 34-year documentary about

Nurturing and Disability

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In Not Easy Grow Up filmmaker/father Ron Taylor portrays the significant moments from infancy to adulthood of his son Micah's living with Cerebral Palsy. Intimately recorded on film, Ron captured the ups and downs, milestones and challenges, smiles and tears over 34 years.

The film touches on social attitudes, technology, and education such as reciprocal benefits to caregivers and receivers and person-centered learning. Through talks and power-point presentations, Ron also is sharing his lessons for a greater humanity. In these times of the national debate over health care for all, this shining longitudinal and lyrical study of one family/community’s model delivery of a quality life (35-year old Micah thinks so and will be present with his father) is unequaled in depth of information and feeling among filmed realities.

John Steiner hosts this dynamic presentation that also tells the story of the Special village it takes to nurture a Special child. Recent interviews with family members, caregivers, professionals and teachers provide narrative commentaries that 'look back' at their work with Micah and his significant impact upon their lives as they were influencing his.