Succession Plans

Friday, December 21st, 2018.


Three subtle data points made me realize we may have finally arrived: 1) members started enforcing the club rules and come up with cool ideas themselves, instead of relying on management to do it, 2) members started showing up to the club as their best selves, 3) we started attracting young, smart, and hard working members, male and female, and the place lit up, the dining room started to fill up, and it was fun to be around again. Nothing like a dose of healthy growth to make one feel alive.

We are in the midst of building a great management team, and I am fortunate to have my son Dustin give us a hand. Dustin is young and cool, has a keen eye and is a natural with technology and social media. In less than three months, while still in transition, Dustin has re-built our website from scratch, re-designed the format of our Weekly Newsletter, refined our Charter, designed our graphics and is getting ready to focus on the administration and technology infrastructures of the club. Think The Grand Budapest Hotel level of service.

It took me 40 years to build City Club’s container, but I am confidant Dustin will complete the required content in one year, before he moves on to pursue his own dreams. In addition to Glenn, Maria, Victor and other pillars of our management team, we have great new talent on board like Nathalie Wilson as the Front of the House Manager, Paul Cure in Member Services, and others we look forward to hiring as we continue to grow.

As many of you know, nine years ago I had a heart attack and ended up with three stents. Everyone dies. Bill Stewart and Frank Guerra both died within the past month. Highland was here before my grandfather was born and will be here after my grandchildren are gone. We are all just passing through. I believe the secret to happiness is not to own, but to belong.

This is the last “News"letter of the year, so I want to take the time to thank all of you for belonging. I also want to wish you a healthy and prosperous new year, and assure you we still have grand plans for the future, trusting the vision will remain alive even if I were to shuffle off this mortal coil.

The Bible says it took Moses 40 years to lead the Jews to the Promised Land. He saw it but was not allowed to enter, teaching the lesson that it's all about the message, not the messenger. It has taken me 40 years to build Highland City Club, and I may never see the Highland Institute, but that’s not the point.

– Sina.