04.12.19 | The Italians are Coming!

I have been hesitating on an Italian tasting because Italian wines can be a frustrating love affair. I used to only drink Italians in my quest to get it all figured out. I haven’t had a dedicated bottle of Italian wine in over a year because I was literally driving myself mad attempting to perfect my knowledge. Between the numerous names for Sangiovese to the over 350 indiginous wine grape varieties in Italy alone, it can be considered the pinnacle of wine knowledge among sommeliers. This is our first Italian tasting, and it won’t be our last … this will be a very long and fun journey (and you’ll understand why it’ll make you nuts!). To get us started, I’ll pour a Barolo, Nebbiolo, and a Pinot Grigio that will be unlike that standard suburban book club wine.

Nathalie WilsonComment