04.19.2019 | Wines for the Spring Holidays

Wines for the Spring Holidays to Give You Serious Wine Cred

Passover and Easter are upon us (Mother’s Day a few weeks away!) and that means it is time for family gatherings. I implore you to not bring the average bottle of Chardonnay to go with matzoh ball soup or a Cabernet to accompany the Easter ham. The wines listed here pair well with everything from Charoset to cheesy scalloped potatoes. I am a firm believer in eating well, but most importantly, drinking well, so please don’t settle for the Hazel’s $12.99 special. Consider treating your guests or hosts to a bottle that will blow them away.


Bodega Noemia Semillion - $36

Drinks like a French wine and if I could recommend anything it would be to hold onto a bottle to drink two years from now. I especially suggest this since they produced only 4000 bottles.

Bouquet is elegant with citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

Palate is dense and layered with lemon and cream. Stone and saline minerality. Full body, round, juicy.

Granbazan Etiqueta Ambar Albariño - $36

Sitting right on the coast and just north of Portugal, these beautiful Spanish wines are a perfect alternative to a Riesling (and with cooler label art!).

Bouquet is clean and brilliant. Perfumed, stone fruit, lychees, and fresh pineapple.

Palate has good acidity, oily, and balanced. Peach, apricot, tropical notes with a slightly saline finish.

Reeve Prism Riesling - $24

This comes from one of my favorite boutique California wineries, this Riesling is a crowd pleaser.

Bouquet consists of rainforest flowers and stone.

Palate is green apple and tropical fruit w/ a persistent lemon finish.


Reeve Ya Moon Pinot Noir - $28 (one of my cellar favorites)

Again, one of my favorite wineries and one of my favorite Pinots. I urge you to get a bottle and share it with anyone and everyone.

Bouquet is one of the best I have smelled in so long, I love it. Forest floor mixed with boysenberries.

Palate is fresh berries, mineralogy, and notes of citrus zest.

Famille Lançon La Solitude Côtes du Rhône - $22

The best bang for your buck. This is a true Côtes du Rhône with Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre. It is lovely and should cost double than the stated price.

Bouquet is strawberry and plum.

Palate is heavy tannic (decant for at least 30-45 minutes); strawberry, raspberry, plum, black tea, and black pepper. Balanced acidity.

Durigutti Proyecto Las Compuertas 5 Suelos Malbec - $45 (only 660 cases)

Only 660 cases were made of this Malbec that drinks like a Syrah. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous wine that everyone who is a Malbec or Syrah fan will appreciate.

Bouquet is layered with violets, berries, and plums.

Palate is firm, fine grained, and a good balance with cassis, herbs, and earth.

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