05.10.19 | To Share or Not Share

My number one instruction to my wine vendors is to bring me something that few others have. It goes without saying that I want the wine to be delicious and memorable, but I am also looking for significant character. Lesser known varietals such as Treixadura, Godello, and Criolla dot the landscape of our cellar. I want the cellar to be deep with diversity since our space is limited. 

It is reassuring to take the easy way out when you choose a wine you are familiar with. Buying a bottle of wine is a gamble, one that I don't even like to take. A guy who was studying for his Level 1 Somm was very excited about a South African Pinotage. My experience told me not to buy it. The guy was young, I knew the label and wasn't a fan, but I didn't want to discourage this aspiring sommelier. It was a terrible wine and I was thankful I had enough back-up wines at home. My palate is a bit more advanced than that young man's and I have yet to steer anyone wrong (knock on wood), so I encourage you to read through the tasting notes that have been uploaded and take a chance on a wine you may have never heard of. 

The "To Share or Not Share" wines this week takes a look at some of these wines ...

To Share:
Bastianich Vini Orsone Friulano - $19
A bright and fresh, medium-bodied white with mineral and almond. 100% Tocai that exhibits the terroir of Friuli splendidly. It has delightful pear flavors matched with the minerality that brings a zest of acidity. A great wine for an 87 degree day spent lounging on the deck.
Casal de Arman Eira Dos Mouros Blanco Treixadura - $26
This wine rises to a crescendo like the bridge between the third and fourth movement in Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Teasing the nose with pear and apple, and then seducing the palate with pineapple, grapefruit, and wet stone, with lovely acidity. Pair this with spicy foods, like a good green Thai curry.
Diego Losada La Senda 1984 - $30
This is sourced from three old-vine vineyards in the hills of Priaranza del Bierzo in northwestern Spain. The grape, Mencía, thrives here in the clay soil with slate and minerals. This shows cherry, orange zest, and lavender with a surprising acidity. 

To not share:
Domaine du Pavillion de Chavannes Còtes de Brouilly cuv Gamay - $34
Beaujolais is hardly a lesser known grape, however, this wine's character comes from the domain's high elevations and Mont Brouilly's blue granite. This gives this particular Beaujolais the distinction of having stone in the flavor when most exhibit soil and fruit. The bouquet is one of violets, smoke, and rose petal with a palate of fresh cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. This wine is exactly why you should drink Beaujolais in the summertime.
What you should buy to celebrate Mom for Mother's Day, but don't share it with her:
Oremus Mandolás Furmint - $48
From one of the most respected wine producers in the world, Tempos Vega Sicilia, this dry Furmint can make a grown man weep. It has lemon curd, vanilla, and caramel on the nose with lemon, grapefruit, and honeydew on the palate. It is dry, balanced, and has finesse. A sophisticated and effervescent example of what wine in Hungary can be like. This is a bottle that is special and beautiful, just like mom. Just don't share it with her.