05.31.19 | Blind Taste

Blind tasting time again! Last time we did this event it was wonderful to watch everyone’s competitive spirits shine through, pitting spouse against spouse, friend against friend. For this tasting, I have placemats coming in to help guide us through the tasting process. And, we’re going to up the ante a bit. Four wines. Two whites. Two reds. May the best palate win. Winner will receive a bottle of their choice (up to $50 in value).

June 7, 6:15pm to 7:30pm, Library

To Share & Not Share

We recently received some amazing wines from southern Italy that reminded me why we should be drinking more wines from these regions. Everyone is always highlighting the beauty of Piedmont and Friuli, but the wines coming out of Compania, Lazio, down to Catania in Baroque Sicily are great. Wines from Sicily are dark, rich and fruit forward because of the warm climate. The wines of Compania need to age at least ten years to be drinkable as the heavy tannins can overwhelm the palate. While the cellar isn’t bursting with these wines, the ones we do have are substantially noteworthy. I’ll recommend a few other Italian wines in this week’s edition of Share/Not Share.

To Share

Benanti Etna Bianco 2017 – $28

Made from Carricante, the most typical white varietal of the Etna volcano. There are white fruits with a nose of pear and a bit of minerality. There is a lot of structure in this unassuming yet compelling wine; it is not known for being overly fruity as it is savory. Pair this wine with a lovely seafood dish to share with friends.

Guiseppe Nada Barbera D’Alba Superiore 2016 – $34

This is a pizza wine through and through. I love handing this out for birthdays since it isn’t an in-your-face-Italian, but more of a let’s go grab a pizza and have a good time wine. Light and acidic, with aromas of wild berry, herbs, and a touch of cedar. Palate hits with juicy, ripe cherries, light chocolate, herbs, and inoffensive tannins.  

Guiseppe Nada Langhe Pinot Bianco 2016 – $30

The white counterpart to the Barbera above. A wonderful blend which produces flowers, pineapple, and peaches on the nose. Grassy with peaches and lemons. A medium-body with a wonderful mouth feel. Elegant, crisp, dry and mineral-driven. A wonderful alternative to the humdrum Pinot Grigio.

To Not Share

Caggiano Taurasi Vigna Macchia dei Goti 2014 – $64

I encourage you to wait another five years to drink this wine, though it is approachable today. An explosion of blueberries, cherries, tobacco and grippy tannins (as you will have with a Taurasi). This is a great way to be introduced to these wines as anything else will be huge and bold. When you’re grilling out alone and need some company, a bottle of this wine is a great compliment and doesn’t talk too much.

Marchesi di Barolo 2013 – $92

This is one of the most beautiful Italians in the cellar and getting better day by day. Garnet red with scents of vanilla, roasted chestnuts, rose, and anise. An unabashedly elegant palate with rose, cherry, stone and the proverbial leather we find in Barolo. If you’re patient, I recommend that you buy this wine and let it lay. Watch your kids grow, leave the house, retire, move to a warmer climate, say in 2038, that’s when you should open this wine. It’ll be absolutely flawless.