Most everyone believes good health is the cornerstone of who we are and all that we do. At Highland City Club we take good health seriously; we serve affordable and delicious organic lunches, free organic nuts and cakes instead of sugary drinks and snacks from vending machines, and offer skin care, massage, and 24/7 access to a medical doctor at very affordable cost.



spa services

The Spa at the Highland Building offers services for a diverse clientele. Unrivaled in privacy and elegance, we offer something truly unique and accessible for the sake of your well-being in the beautiful city of Boulder, CO.

Detoxification is a benefit of all our treatments and can be enhanced when you allow time to partake in our world class sauna. A classic wet/dry cedar sauna can be transformed instantly into a steamy bath. Coupled with a spacious private shower, bathroom and changing room this a place where you can truly feel safe and cared for.

We never ever want you to feel rushed and invite you to join us for lunch in the dining room before or after your treatment. Give yourself the gift of time. Allow the body/mind to be unbound so you may move with ease and grace though the challenges and celebrations of life.



Cloud Medical

Highland City Club, in cooperation with Cloud Medical and Liberty HealthShare, offers an innovative and comprehensive healthcare model designed for health-conscious social and business members under 65 seeking the convenience of personalized care without barriers.  


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Call (303) 443-4430 for help signing up by phone.