07.10.17 | Populism

It's more of a feeling than a thought -- that America has lost the narrative, the story it tells about itself -- as the Pluribus pinwheels out of a splintered Unum. Check your politics at the door as we discuss an issue that transcends party affiliation and traditional left/right divisions. Many fervent supporters of both Trump and Sanders were driven by the very same fundamental anti-unum impulse. Our discussion article (click here: The Revolt Of The Public) has been described as an impressive think-piece about the decline of trust and the rise of populism. 

“In a healthy society, the supreme task of the elites is to elucidate the master narratives binding together the classes and ideologies that make up a modern nation. The digital age has been an extinction event for long-standing narratives. Elites have lost the ability to mediate between events and the old shared stories. The mirror in which we found ourselves reflected in the world has shattered.”

A legitimate hierarchy rests upon the rise of a new elite (elites being an absolute necessity for societal function) comprised of  "exemplars" fundamentally different from what we regard as the elite today (i.e all about power, money). The message smacks of the lessons we learned from The Fourth Turning about what it takes to move out of Winter (crisis stage) into Spring (renewal).

Steve SmithComment